Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon 2012


On the 15th April, 2012 Remy will be taking part in the Brighton Marathon on behalf of the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) at the University of Nottingham.

Remy currently works at Bridge House Nursery in Ashford, Kent which Abbie attended, and looked after her on many occasions. Inspired by her story and the underfunding of paediatric brain tumour research she has decided to take on the challenge on behalf of Abbie’s Army!!

She is a very brave girl, is training hard and a complete star in our eyes, if you would like to sponsor Remy for a wonderful cause you can do so at

Thanks Remy  x



Please read Remy's moving account of the day running in Abbie's memory below.

Amount raised with Gift-aid £452.50 (so far...)

What a day!!  I was in tears before I started just getting ready and putting on the Abbie's Army T-shirt.

The atmosphere in Brighton was amazing.  So many people lined the streets.  I felt good and it was all going really well until I got to mile 17 and my legs began to feel heavy.  I needed a boost; I had not seen a familiar face since mile three when I had spotted my husband, Andy.  I spotted a little girl smiling and holding a bowl of Jelly Babies... I took one and then heard people cheering "Go on Abbie's Army!".  No-one I know, just people reading the T-shirt - it was the boost I needed.

At mile 21, the course took us round an industrial estate.  It was empty, no supporters for two miles, just the sound of feet on tarmac.  This is when I had the time to really focus on why I was doing this, I think it's what the professionals call the 'mind over matter' part of the race!

As I turned the corner, the crowds re-appeared and I was in tears again! There was a DJ with a microphone who called out "come on 14341 - Abbie's Army!", the cheer from the crowd was overwhelming!

Happily, at mile 25 I spotted my daughters, with Andy, my Mum and a couple of friends.  The girls hi-fived me, and it just felt like I floated to the finish line, the heavyness in my legs had gone.  I crossed the finish line in 4 hours 39 minutes and 24 seconds. It was the most amazing day and I am so glad that I have helped a little in raising money for such an amazing charity that works so hard, and I hope that one day our efforts will help them find a cure.

Finally - a HUGE thank you to Mandy for all your support, e-mails etc...your strength has been an inspiration to me.

Remy x