Abbie's Army


Abbie's Army has been formed by the family of Abbie Mifsud. She was a remarkable daughter and brave little girl who on September 13th 2011 , at only 6 years of age  lost her fight with an inoperable and incurable (DIPG) brain tumour. This is the MOST FATAL form of childhood brain cancer growing in the brainstem surgery is impossible and the only standard treatment is 6 weeks of palliative radiotherapy for symptom respite. The median survival time is just 8-12 months. Abbie passed away only 5 months after her initial diagnosis.

Our mission is to RAISE awareness and contribute much needed funds for children's DIPG brain tumour research which currently is so very underfunded. It affects only 40 children a year in the UK with most funding coming from the parent led charities who have all lost a child to the disease. It may be too late to help our beautiful girl but we can all commit to helping the DIPG families of the future. Any donation that could save some of the pain by offering the development of new treatments to these children, where currently there are NONE that are effective, is extremely worthwhile. To do this in Abbie's memory is an honour and means the world to us.




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New Announcements

A lovely event is heading our way on Sunday 4th May when  'Fancy Footwork' will hold their biennial showcase event 'Cinderella' at the New Wimbledon Theatre. All profits will be donated to Abbies Army and its especially wonderful as its being held in rememberance of another special DIPG Angel and a former pupil of the dance school. Please read more on our Events page

Our thanks to everyone who attended the innaugural 'Abbie Mifsud Memorial Cup' the Inter Schools cross country for Years 1 & 2,that was held on Fri 14th March. We had a wonderful afternoon back at Abbies school where Ashford Friars managed to win the trophy in its first year which was just fantastic. I know she would have been so proud as were we to be asked to present such a wonderful award to these young runners.

We now have several events online for 2014, if you can support Abbies Army fundraising in any way we'd love to hear from you.

The lastest is our 'Tour2Cure' cycle being held on Sunday 29th June, this is a 70 mile ride from London to Hastings . Our event poster will follow soon but links to register directly on the Bike Events website can be found on the 'Events' tab.



Please contact us whether you'd like to play golf, run, walk, climb, cycle or jump out of a plane we have a challenge to suit and lots of other ways that you can support. Check out some of the amazing experiences on the Life Changing Challenges logo in the side bar.

Thank You

Abbies Army is extremely proud with YOUR support to have made its first major award to the Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey. Here Dr Chris Jones who is the UK lead for DIPG research is pictured with Katy Taylor with our presentation cheque. We are happy to be funding and reporting the findings of her PhD project and DIPG research for two years until Oct 2015.


Katy is an extremely talented young researcher working on the identification and testing of novel therapeutic targets in DIPG. Her work includes sequencing of DIPG biopsy specimens, the development of models and screening which will influence the design of the next clinical trials. She has also recently been presented with an award for her work at the Society for Neuro Onclolgy (SNO) conference in San Francisco. We look forward to keeping you updated with this and all the other projects we can also be part of with the DIPG Collaborative.

THANK YOU all for making this possible.

Abbies Army has joined the International fight against DIPG by joining the DIPG Collaborative. We are now listed as a contributor on 9 new research papers predominantly in the US. Created in 2011, the DIPG Collaborative is an association of foundations unified with the mission of efficiently funding and inspiring diffuse instrinsic pontine glioma cancer research. As part of the initiative dedicated funds are now being raised allowing for long-term study and the development of new protocols and registry data.

This year the Collaborative resources have invested in $850,000 of new research grants selected by its Medical Advisory Council which allows for streamlined research, transparency and limits duplication. The combined effects of these funds are inspiring! Visit for more information!


Abbie's Army Fundraising Totals Donated 

Abbie's Army has raised the following amounts for our chosen research centres.... (Abbies Army funding to ICR and DIPG Collaborative)

 MORE than £250,000 has be raised to date! THANK YOU ALL